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"Watch me Boost Your Child's Confidence, Focus, and Self-Discipline Until They Become Unstoppable!"
It's amazing, but it's true!

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Dear Parent
Face it, it's a scary world out there, especially for our kids. 

Each day we ask our childrern to face challenges unheard of just a few short years ago. There are many overcrowded classrooms, increasing peer pressure, and violence, all topped off with a cynical attitude in our communities that  can drag down even the most optimistic child.

Even when we've managed to make our children physically safe, we have this gnawing fear they remain unsafe mentally.  We worry about their self-image. We ask ourselves, "Are they losing that wonderful, positive outlook they had when they were younger?"

It doesn't have to be this way. 
A solution exists, and it's easier than you think!

I'm Jon Penny, owner and founder of the Black Belt Academy in Perrysburg. I've been teaching martial arts to families like yours in Northwest Ohio for over 25 years.

So what would you think if I told you I could boost your child's levels of confidence, focus, and discipline, so much so that they would become unstoppable?
Unstoppable in their pursuit of:
  • Greater academic achievement
  • Unshakeable self-respect
  • Increased strength and fitness, in both body and mind
Too good to be true? With what I know, not only will your child want to achieve these powerful qualities, I can guarantee it!

First off, as with any karate training, I teach your child to protect themselves. (Though not in the hard-core violent way you seein the movies or on television.)

For example, I teach:

  • Self-Defense strategies  in how to avoid dangerous people and situations.
  • Conflict resolution techniques that allow your child to live and interact with others in peace and harmony.
  • A simple, but overlooked skill that is guaranteed to stop your child from losing their confidence. I'm talking about the most important factor that stops your child from being bullied.
You think I'm offering just another self-defense course? You think karate won't work for your child? THINK AGAIN.

In fact, I'm giving your child skills that will EMPOWER them, and give them all that it takes to become a TOP PERFORMER.

Skills like, Goal Setting, Self-Discipline, Focus. They'll gain a level of Self-Confidence that will make them truly unstoppable!
But you don't have to take my word for it, here's what parents are saying....
"My son, Brett was the typical 6-year old, meaning he could not sit still or pay attention for any length of time. Now instead of having to repeat a request numerous times he was competing the job immediately or without evenbeing asked. The only regret we have is that we didn't start sooner."
~ Tammy Mikesell, Weston
"Since starting training, Julia has really been able to apply the focus she's learned at the academy and has increased her testing scores for Perrysburg schools from a below basic level to an accelerated level!"
~ Donna Stapleton, Perrysburg
"Two kids and four years later, it was the best money my wife and I could have spent on them. Within several weeks we noticed her attention span was getting longer, she was more confident in herself, and began to be very good at following directions AND making good decisions."
~ Nick Siefke, Perrysburg
"The experience we have had here is amazing! It's a great palce for kids, teens, and adults to work hard and learn by example. We couldn't be happeir with our decision to come here!"
~ Ellie Skiver, Perrysburg
"Because of the training at the academy, my kids' self-confidence skyrocketed! This karate school is just what they needed."
~ Kelly Marie, Stony Ridge
"My son has been taking lessons at the Black Belt Academy for almost a year. In just a short time I noticed he has more self-esteem and self-discipline. The experience has been wonderful!"
~ Jessica Harrington, Perrysburg
"We could not be more pleased with this program. The amount of growth and development is just amazing. We've watched him develop from a shy kid, to a leader who can't wait to get in front of others and talk."
~ Emily Latusek, Perrysburg
"We've seen a tremendous amount of improvement in his grades, now he starts his homework on his own, and working with him to finish his homework isn't such a hassle."
~ Troy Shrider, Perrysburg
"The transformation was unbelievable. He can now, not only be still, but confidently speak in public, and encourage other to succeed!"
~ Teresa McCormick, Perrysburg
"The instructors are awesome,  Elie's doing wonderfully and loving every minute of it. It's been phenomenal to see my shy little flower who usually stands behind me stand up, get that confidence, and work hard."
~ Jessica Derkis, Perrysburg
"Noah has learned so much, and the skills he's learned will last a lifetime. The program has given him tremendous self-confidence. The instructors foster enthusiasm, good manners, and a positive attitude."
~ Lisa Houpt, Perrysburg
"Kid has really come out of her shell, she used to be really shy. I see more confidence in both my kids."
~ Jerry Wolf, Perrysburg
"I know that it has helped SO much with my self-esteem, and my confidence, self-discipline is a big that that I KNOW I've gotten from training.."
~ Rachael Kirkham, Perrysburg
"I have trained here for the past several years as well as being the parent of 3 Black Belts! Not only does the staff teach martial arts techniques, but they teach discipline, respect, leadership skills, public speaking skills and so much more. I am very much a fan and look forward to many more years of training under Mr. Penny and his staff!"
~ Robert Carpenter, Maumee
Can we really do all this for your child too? 
I've made it very easy for you to find out ....
INTRODUCTORY OFFER: I'm offering you 2 Private Lessons, and TWO WEEKS for $29, that's a 70% Savings!
FREE Student Evaluation: Before or during the introductory program we will meet one on one to discuss your needs. We will educate you regarding our programs and help you understand the developmental process.
If you register today, I guarantee that you will also receive:
A FREE Uniform: ($39.95 Value) After your second visit to the academy, you will receive an official uniform that is yours to keep - no charge!
To register for one of our introductory programs, do one of two things right now:
1. Pick up the phone and call (419) 872-7599. We'll answer any additional questions that you may have and schedule a special time with one of our instructors to work with you.


2. Register Here - online and we'll give you a call on our next business day to confirm a time that will work for you.

To register for a class, or to sign up for our e-newsletter "Building Confidence for Kids" register here!

Please act quickly because these classes fill up fast. 

BUT BE WARNED: Remember, I'm inviting you to check out one of the most successful martial arts programs in the country! Call as soon as possible. Our programs FILL-UP FAST! Register early and insure your spot.

Finally, pick up the phone, call (419) 872-7599 right now to schedule your private introductory time. Or, register here online. There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION for this introductory program! Even if you choose not to continue with our program - you keep the FREE Uniform - as a special gift for checking us out. Obviously, I think you'll find our program very valuable and interesting but - you have no risk an no obligation - and, NOTHING to lose and everything to gain by trying our program.
If you don't want to register for an appointment today then join our e-mail list and we'll send you information about Confidence, Focus, and Self-Discipline in kids. Plus we'll keep you up to date about seasonal specials as they become available.
If you don't want to register for an appointment today then join our e-mail list and we'll send you information about Confidence, Focus, and Self-Discipline in kids. Plus we'll keep you up to date about seasonal specials as they become available.
The Black Belt Academy
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